The Kitchen Experience by COBLAN arrives in South Florida, United States, with its solid prestige built on half a century of experience and quality in design, functionality, materials and manufacturing.
The Kitchen Experience by COBLAN also has a long tradition of customer service, since all the evolution of its kitchens is based on the needs of its thousands of satisfied customers; to those who have listened to give each family the most functional design because the kitchen is the heart of the home as Mr. Kitchen Pro said, Andrés Blanco, from Coblan Store: “The Kitchen Experience by COBLAN” for me is to enjoy creating the space where People will live the best moments of their life as a family, where they will share with their friends and with all their loved ones. “

Designing a kitchen is an art and The Kitchen Experience by COBLAN is at the forefront of the evolution of kitchens because it offers useful solutions for daily life and is always in the best position to create and evolve to satisfy its customers. “The key to the success of The Kitchen Experience by COBLAN is having the satisfaction of listening to the needs of our customers, no matter whether they buy a little or a lot, our intention is to win a new friend or a new connection with the consumer,” added Andrés Blanco.

Now as part of the international expansion plan, COBLAN opens its doors with a megastore in the city of Doral to offer Floridians products of the highest quality one hundred percent assembled in Italy with the fusion of American and European styles.

About The Kitchen Experience by COBLAN
In 1968 Carlos Blanco Pérez founded a family business dedicated to the sale of furniture in Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela.
The most popular product was the simple and functional kitchen cabinet. A decade later the business grew with the creation of Industria de Muebles -Maderama- dedicated to the manufacture of American style furniture and kitchens. Over time, new models were incorporated breaking with the rigidity of the furniture of that time.

In 1998, Andrés Eloy Blanco, with the support of his father, founded Casa Viva, the first store in the region dedicated to the sale of furniture by Canadian and Italian designers.
For the year 2002, the facilities were modernized to adapt to the international standards required for the manufacture of Italian style furniture.
And that’s how the new company Todo Cocina was born. The experience gained with the design and functionality of avant-garde furniture gave the company a new vision and understanding of the kitchen.