The city of Milan is buzzing this time of year with design events around every corner and at the Rho fairgrounds, you can catch EuroCucina now on its 22nd edition. The biennial event dedicated to kitchen design along with the FTK sideshow exhibits all the highlights and latest news in appliances and kitchen design.

Sprawling over 22,000 square meters, EuroCucina hosts 117 companies this year, ready to welcome the over 300,000 expected visitors. It’s the perfect occasion to get up close and personal with the many trends and technologies in an ever-evolving sector. Walking through the gorgeous setup, four pavilions make it clear that the modern kitchen has become an area to experience at 360°, connected more than ever to living spaces curated down to the last detail.

The biggest trend sweeping the industry seen in the offers of countless top brands is the hidden component to a modular kitchen. As a development of the open space floorplan, these spaces offer the ability to hide or camouflage some of the basic functions of a kitchen.

How so? Large cupboards feature concealed openings, columns double as containers, and high-capacity cabinets allow you to keep everything in its place while hiding appliances. Technical equipment, along with the wash area, is tucked away. Opaque satin or silk-screened glass doors filter peering glances and sliding tops cover sinks and stovetops when not in use.

The result is an impeccably organized area and customizable compositions that alternate between full and empty, paired with bookcases and open shelving that blurs the line between kitchen and living space.
New kitchen design includes solutions and technologies that were once reserved for the industrial kitchen, like continuous cooktops and grills, sanitation areas, high-suction hoods, and perfectly equipped tabletops. The end goal is always to create a workspace worthy of a chef, where starred-restaurant recipes feel right at home.

As far as aesthetics are concerned, rationality and formal purity rule. All references to tradition have disappeared and are quickly fading from production. The biggest brands are creating products with clean and calibrated surfaces made from prestigious materials. Colors and materials are personalized to the max, between soft and natural tones with customized finishes, for a tailor-made kitchen.