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Carlos Blanco Pérez founded a family business dedicated to the sale of furniture in South America. The most requested product is a simple and functional kitchen cabinet, ideal for a population that demanded practical things to meet their needs. This was the beginning of an industry that has celebrated its 50th anniversary being an obligatory reference in the manufacture of American furniture and kitchens.


The company of the Blanco family grows with the creation of the Furniture Industry (Maderama) dedicated to the design and manufacture of American furniture and kitchens.


New models are incorporated, showing the presence of curved lines that break with the rigidity of traditional models for that time.


Andrés Eloy Blanco, supported by his father’s experience, founded Casa Viva, the first store in the region dedicated to the sale of designer furniture, Canadian, Italian and self-made kitchens.

Factory facilities are modernized to adapt to the international standards required for the production of Italian-style products that were manufactured locally. Then a new company, Todo Cocina, was set up.

All the experience gained in avant-garde design and functionality takes added value with the foundation of Coblan, a store that fuses the entire trajectory of family businesses, giving a turn to a new way of seeing and understanding the kitchen.


The tradition of functional design is maintained.

As part of an international expansion plan Coblan, open its doors in South Florida to offer technical and professional ethics, with products of the highest quality assembled one hundred percent in Italy that fuses American and European styles.

In addition to the experience in kitchens since 1990, the family broadens its line of business and ventures into real estate, creating a company that becomes a pioneer and makes a difference by offering fully equipped homes with kitchens closets and bathroom furniture.

Since then Coblan participates in important commercial, residential and hotel projects.

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